Mission Statement

Reality Check Screening provides in-depth, customized pre-employment screening/investigative services as well as credentialing services for Hospitals, Clinics, and Health Systems throughout the United States.  These services are conducted on personnel in all levels of the healthcare industry including administrative personnel, advanced practitioners and physicians.  All background investigations are conducted in compliance with federal regulations including the Fair Credit Reporting Act, FACTA laws, the American with Disabilities Act, and The Joint Commission.  We uphold the highest standards of discretion, confidentiality and the appropriate sense of urgency for our clients.  Facts are documented and confirmed with the primary sources of information in all areas of our investigations.  Services are provided to clients on a timely basis providing accurate, factual information to assist organizations in hiring the most appropriate trained and credentialed individuals.

Reality Check Screening is a company that provides clients with a sense of security in their hiring practices while utilizing the appropriate mix of innovative technology and real, first-hand contact to ensure integrity in every step of the process.  When working with individuals in the healthcare industry, hiring of personnel is not only key in patient care, but is directly involved in the success of the facility from a public relations standpoint and from a financial bottom line.  Reality Check Screening provides these facilities with peace of mind in their hiring practices.

From a financial standpoint for clients, facilities save time initially with Reality Check providing a service with which many of the recruiting departments are not wholly familiarized.  Facilities are hiring a firm that specializes in not only retrieving but interpreting the information obtained.  From a long-term standpoint, clients will be assured of quality candidates that should not put their facility at risk for costly litigation and embarrassing public relations issues.

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April 29th through May 2nd, San Diego, CA
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August 13th through 15th, Traverse City, MI
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September 12th through 14th, Scottsdale, AZ
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October 2nd through 3rd, Columbus, OH
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November 8th through 10th, Chicago, IL
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November 13th through 15th, Seattle, WA

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